TOP Engineering Group

Our UAV Applications for:

- Emergency Services & Safety

- Infrastructure Inspection

- Law Enforcement

- Military Services

- Environmental Conservation

- Agricultural Operations

- Real Estate

- Film Production Services


UAVs are increasingly finding usage in commercial applications. And we are ready for the task!

Our UAV provides hired and leased services in the following areas. If your area of application is not listed here, you can get in touch with us at info @ and we can discuss the possibilities.

Some of the services provided by TOP Engineering Group:

High voltage transmission line inspection, proximity to vegetation.

High precision geo-referenced ortho-photo, mapping and DEM

Volumetric mapping


Aerial photography

Aerial SAR assistance.

Wind turbine blade inspection

Detection of Vehicle Tracks and Vegetation Damages

Stream flow / monitoring

Oil spill detection and monitoring

Estimating wildlife population


The banks of Chao Phraya River at Sing Buri Province, Thailand - 3D Mapping with our Falcon-V VTOL UAV on 5 Oct. 2015


Other applications provided by our UAVs:

Maritime surveillance

Protection and surveillance of urban and other high-density areas

Monitoring critical infrastructure and major events

Convoy and VIP protection

Harbours and coastal surveillance

Border surveillance

Agricultural surveillance

Reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition

Providing image and communications intelligence

Search and rescue



Sample of Processes 3D terrestrial and aerial imagery acquired by our Falcon VTOL UAV. New development UAV combined VTOL and Fixed wing. Auto Take off and Landing anywhere. But fly with fixed wing at higher speed than normal multi copter up to 120 km/hr . Payload with Surveillance Gimbal Camera or Mapping Camera. Auto mapping mission rate 20 square kilometers within 1:45 hours.


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